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Social Media Marketing

From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between, our social media marketing services are optimised for your specific audience segment and designed to meet your business objectives with targeted content, competitions, reputation management and online PR.


Your customers are there and so is your business. But are you getting the most out of it?

From action evoking ad copy, to the journalistic know-how to get your audience hooked, our copywriters are seasoned professionals with experience working across household names and national media outlets, including social.

A strong social strategy contributes towards your marketing objectives no matter how wide-ranging. With paid social advertising, you can tackle brand awareness to raise your profile, earn loyalty to retain customers, and even increase revenue through social channels.

Ideal for facilitating customer engagement and establishing your brand as an authority, social media puts you directly in front of your audience, providing platforms to amplify your content for maximum reach. From new product launches to thought-provoking articles, rewarding loyalty to attracting new customers, social should form a key part of your digital strategy.

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Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Our approach to social media focuses on organically growing communities and providing them with rich and engaging shareable content. At the same time we understand it is important to demonstrate ROI from your investment in social media so our campaigns are designed to meet your business objectives.

Our key social media principles are:

  • Content is King! We make sure that everything we post is of a high standard and will encourage engagement and sharing. This is the core element of a social campaign as we know that without good content people are unlikely to share.
  • Engagement: Simply pushing products appears cynical and lacks depth; we want to engage with our customer base and develop meaningful relationships that can lead to brand advocacy.
  • Facilitating appropriate behaviour: We want to build a community that your audience can use. We understand how to moderate user generated content (UGC) in a way that is unobtrusive but effective and in line with Facebook guidelines.
  • Transparency: We are careful not to disclose personal information, maintain client confidentiality and obtain permission before publication. We also provide accurate and easy to understand reporting at every stage of our campaigns.
  • Exercise judgment: when developing friends and connections.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build Your Digital Business Together!